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As an independent hearing aid practice, American Hearing Centers can choose for ourselves which hearing aids we think are best for our patients. We aren't owned by any manufacturer, so you can be sure that anything we recommend is because we genuinely feel that those hearing aids will give you the best results for your hearing loss.

We believe that we are most effective at treating our patients if we are able to specialize in hearing devices made by one hearing aid manufacturer. Because we're independent, we are free to choose who that manufacturer is, and we will change manufacturers if we become convinced that another brand would be better for our patients.

In recent years, the clear winner in our opinion has been Oticon. Oticon offers a superior product in terms of performance, patient satisfaction, and reliability. During the time we have focused on Oticon hearing aids, we have never encountered a patient who was unhappy with the performance or an issue we were not able to address and make right.

Why Oticon?

The performance of Oticon products is simply unparalleled. Our patients love the results they get and how well Oticon's technology lets them hear. And we love how easy it is to make sure that patients are having a good experience with their hearing aids. In 35 years of distributing hearing aids, we've probably heard every single complaint about what can go wrong with hearing aids, and Oticon has given us solutions for every complaint.

We have taken the time to learn Oticon hearing aids from top to bottom. If patients have a question or a problem, chances are we have the answer. And if not, we can call the Oticon lab and speak to their representatives who are truly concerned about how well patients are doing with their hearing aids.

The Right Hearing Aid

Although we work with a single hearing aid manufacturer, Oticon offers a number of products with different specialties and different price points. We will select the particular hearing aid that we think will be best suited for your individual hearing loss and your needs. We'll never upsell you on a more expensive hearing aid or suggest something we don't think you need. Our goal is for you to hear as well as possible, and we respect that budget is an important consideration.

In order to make our recommendation, we look at:

Hearing Aid Types

Hearing aids can be purchased in different sizes, from small custom-fit devices that go entirely inside your ear to devices that are hidden discreetly behind your ear. All modern hearing aids are subtle and hard to notice. We carry demo units so you can see for yourself what they look like when worn. We offer completely-in-canal (CIC), invisible-in-canal (IIC), in-the-canal (ITC), in-the-ear (ITE), behind-the-ear (BTE), and receiver-in-canal (RIC).

CIC Hearing aids at American Hearing Centers, Inc. IIC Hearing aids at American Hearing Centers, Inc. ITC Hearing aids at American Hearing Centers, Inc. ITE Hearing aids at American Hearing Centers, Inc. BTE Hearing aids at American Hearing Centers, Inc. RIC Hearing aids at American Hearing Centers, Inc.

Of these, we use receiver-in-canal (RIC) models almost exclusively. They work well and are very easy to control and manipulate. They also avoid some of the sound issues people have had in the past, such as occlusion (a hollow booming sound that comes from having something solid inside your ear canal) or feedback (the high-pitched squeal of hearing aids in the past). RICs are an especially good fit if you have what we call "ski-slope" hearing loss and only need help with the high end to improve speech clarity.

Your Hearing Aid Purchase

While your hearing aids are covered by your manufacturer warranty, you won't have to pay a cent for almost anything related to your hearing aids, including office visits, adjustments, batteries, tune-ups, parts, and replacements.

Warranty length depends on what level of hearing aid technology you choose. We want our patients to have the best experience, and that means using the best products Oticon offers. By offering you free services during that warranty period, we make sure you're getting your money's worth.

At the end of your warranty, we make a program available called the American Service Plan where we become your insurance carrier and offer you a warranty directly. This plan includes the same level of service as the manufacturer warranty in every way except for covering loss and damage. This lets us extend the life of your hearing aid by another couple of years before you need to consider a replacement.

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