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Services Offered

Video Otoscope Exams: You'll see what we see! With a tiny camera that looks inside your ear canal, you’ll be able to see your ear canal on a color screen, and we’ll be able to determine if it’s just wax!

The Aura Care Lab: This lab is designed to service and diagnose any make or model of hearing aid. Regular service will help keep instruments performing properly and improve battery life. In-home full service is available to those who cannot come to our lab. Please contact us for more information on our in-home service.

Hearing Aid Services: American Hearing Centers has the capabilities to use any manufacturer a patient may want or need.

Hearing Aids

Repair & Maintenance

Follow-up care is vital for continued performance. We see our patients every 3-4 months for cleanings, adjustments, supplies, or programming. Factory repairs are dramatically reduced by regular service. We have a special lab designed for service of any hearing instrument and are the only practice in this county to do so.

If your instrument fails to operate, ensure the battery is fresh and that the speaker is free from debris. If these two solutions fail to work, do not attempt to fix it yourself! Call our lab, and we can get you in within hours and usually can have your instrument operating properly again during the same visit. If not, we have loaner devices available at no cost to you. Should your hearing aid need to go to the manufacturer, you’ll still be able to hear with our services.

We are also proud to offer the EarQ Secure 4-Year Warranty on all EarQ hearing aid devices; ask us about it during your visit!

EarQ 4-Year Warranty

Hearing Technology

Oticon ConnectlineAmerican Hearing Centers uses one of the most advanced manufacturers in America in order to provide the most accurate performance for our patients. Today’s technology allows a patient's hearing instruments to communicate and be controlled through their smartphones. Cell phones don’t have to be removed from a purse or pocket to be used. The simple push of a button can start a conversation, and the same button hangs it up! This same technology works wirelessly with the television as it streams sound from the TV directly into the hearing instruments. It also works the same on landline phones without the need to pick up the handset—merely push a button and talk!

Oticon’s new hearing aids are capable of interfacing with your smartphone through proprietary apps. Our approach, called Inclusive Design, looks at the needs of a wide range of people for finding solutions that work for each patient.

Limited Time Only Special: All Oticon devices include a Streamer Pro!

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